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I knew as soon as posted my last entry that the weather would change.

As a matter of fact I actually knew while I was writing that I was jinxing the whole Indian Summer affair, at least in my own universe. But I went ahead anyway, accepting that we were long overdue for a cold snap. It was time to whip out the mittens and get on with it.

Fall is actually my favorite time of year, probably because I'm a late September baby. When I came across these footballers practicing on a recent chilly evening, I got nostalgic; many a teenage hour was spent by me out on the Cupertino High football field rehearsing drill team routines. Over and over again we'd whip out our moves, dancing about to the music of Mr. Gomez's two hundred-strong marching band, our breath hot and white under the field lights and our brows sticky with quick-cooled sweat. Though waiting with frozen fingers for the woodwinds or drumline to grasp those certain tricky measures was never fun at the time, watching these boys run about in the cold made me want to be back there again.

So say goodbye to summer and hello to a new and decidedly snappy autumn season, full of its own uniquely falltime pleasures...


Danne8a said...

I love your blog!
I have been fascinated with Iceland ever since I saw my first globe of the world.
There is something very intriguing to me about Iceland,
The auroras, the midnight sun and the glaciers!
I really Envy you.
Thank you so much for your blog and I hope you don't mind if I put it in my links.
I hope to visit iceland someday with my wife, so the blog is great because it is educational to potential tourists who want to know what to see while in Iceland!
Looking forward to your next post!


Danny Ochoa

Natasha said...


Thanks for your "salted lamb" tips. I´m going to be having the lamb that you recommended next week!

Annie said...

Love the picture.