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Gleðileg ný ár, or Happy New Year!

Here's a shot of a bursting firework just outside our balcony last night. It's always absolutely amazing to watch all the thousands of pretty little bombs and flares in the sky. Every home in Iceland, it seems, has at least a sparkler lit on New Years Eve. Unfortunately such a thick blanket of smoke gathers after the first ten or fifteen minutes of serious explosion, that's to say by quarter after midnight or so. Regardless, it's a beautiful sight.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love reading your posts! You always have such lovely photos.
I haven't made any progress in my Icelandic recently. Could you help me out? (Or tell me where to go to learn?)
Email if you are willing.

Keep posting! :)


Wanderlusting said...

Wow, fireworks are notoriously hard to photograph and NEVER look the way you saw them...except for this one. You really captured the moment. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Nices shot!