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A beautiful construction in the heart of Reykjavik!

I asked the owner of these houses (both the treehouse and the big, pretty white number that the hanging bridge links to) if it was ok for me to take a picture of this fantastic abode and he, very proudly, answeredJá, auðvitað, or "yes, of course." I can honestly say that if we'd had a tree like this and if Dad had built us a treehouse (which he could do with ease) I would have spent all of my time in it with my kitty, some cookies and a good book. Actually, I still would today!

Anyway, kudos to the builder of this childhood dream, located on the corner of Baronstígur and Laufásvegur, or just by the number 26 on this map.

Also, please visit The Travel Cooler, a very sweet web site dedicated to informing the cooler traveler about the world at large. If you stop by now you'll see on their home page that they've taken a little interview with me. This is the direct link to the interview for when my mug is replaced by a new one on the home page, bu definitely spend some time on this site...Anni and Dawn have gathered together some very good reading and excellent pix.


Pink Granite said...

What a magical treehouse! I agree, it would be a wonderful place to curl up, read and daydream...
- Lee

Anonymous said...

Great photo! I have a question: can this be rented out for vacations?

Lupe said...

I would like to live in a treehouse like that one.