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Thank you for all of you who've written such excellent words for the Great Comment Drive (see post below). I know there's plenty more visitors out there who've yet to jot down a quick hello, so don't be shy!

Here's a new set of intense Icelandic names, as promised. These are all men's names, and a very small selection of all the fascinating monnikers approved by the state. Most date back to the settlement age and as such are heroic as well as descriptive. The one exception is Blær, which can also be a girl's name. It's only in the last twenty five years that it's been used, namby-pamby hippie name that it is. Hard to imagine a true Viking suffering being called Gentle Breeze!

Austmann: Eastern Man
Ástríkur: Rich with Passion
Ástbjörn: Passion Bear
Álfur: Elf
Ás: [a] God
Björgólfur Rescue Wolf
Blær: Breeze
Búri: Peasant
Bogi: Bow (weapon)
Dómaldur: Judge
Eldgrímur: Fire Mask
Fífill: Dandelion
Friðbjartur: Bright peace
Garpur: Brave
Hugi: Thought
Hreinn: Clean
Knútur: Knot
Ljósálfur: Light Elf
Muninn: Memory
Safír: Sapphire
Svanlaugur: Swan Pool
Veturliði: Winter Traveller


Iceland Eyes said...

Come to think of it, it's hard to imagine anyone going through life named Dandelion!

Anonymous said...

I personally like Bolli - cup, or Helgi - holy (well or the more funny weekend) makes for great conversation trying to explain your name to people outside Iceland, although Thor seems self-explanatory alas.

Anonymous said...

Although being called clean was probably a rare comment back then. I wonder what my first name means...

Anonymous said...

I like those! I think I might have to change one of the character names in the play that opens in Iceland . . .

Hel said...

Hi from Helga Lilja, have I ever told you how much I love my name?
And yours to actually, I think that between us we have the four coolest women names!

Iceland Eyes said...

Ah, yes, Sacred Lily, you do have a lovely name!

Unknown said...

nice blog, iceland is more interesting now. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hello from Santa Clara California, I read your blog all the time and I love it.