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Red Rock

Some scenery from the wilds of outer Reykjavik. There's no snow on the ground anymore, but the pretty rises of RauĂ°holar are just as red as they were 4600 years ago when lava poured over this plain, gathering iron ore along the way that oxidized beautifully, if I may say so.

To read a little more about this location, go here. Or you can read this Planetary Science Research Discoveriespage about similarities between the rootless cones of RauĂ°holar and those of Mars. Fascinating stuff.

By the way, go to London Calling to read Luis's great synopsis of Iceland and its people. He's pretty much summed it all up in one well-written blog post.


Anonymous said...

I wish I'd found this blog BEFORE my recent trip to Iceland! The blog is great, my trip was great, but to combine them would have been delightful.

But now I have something to read between now and the next time I come to Iceland!

Devon Ellington
Ink in My Coffee

Iceland Eyes said...

Thanks Devon. Better late than never!

Luis said...

Fantastic colours in this photo.

Thanks for posting the link and for the kind comments earlier !