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Volcano show

Just got back from Copenhagen! Went with Valentina on a mother-daughter trip, or mæðgurferð. We did Tivoli and Bakken and drank many 7-11 slurpees and shopped and shopped and shopped. We behaved like true tourists and had a great time doing it!

Speaking of tourists, this tiny little theater and it's Volcano Show is a perfect stop for visitors to Reykjavik. Even though it's about a two minute walk from our door, I've never been. I love the big red rock with it's cool iron decoration, though. I've heard that the film is a definite must for those who want to know more about our harrowing geological past (and future!), and since it's a homespun affair (a father-son production), I think that everyone should give it a go. I even promise to check it out myself. Soon.


Anonymous said...

I hope it's still running on my next trip. Sounds like a great time!

I'm glad you had fun in Copenhagen. I haven't been yet; it's one of my "must see" cities.

Anonymous said...

When walking in Reykjavik in 2006, we stumbled across "The Volcano Show" which was, as I recall, directly behind the small U.S. Embassy.

What a delight! Totally fascinating. The curator, I don't recall his name but he is the foremost Iclandic expert on volcanoes, was very engaging and I spent 1/2 hour discussing volcanoes with him before the show.

I would definitely recommend this to any visitor to Iceland. I would also recommend the Brennivin, to which I acquired an incurable addiction!

Phil Papoojian
Worcester, MA, USA

Iceland Eyes said...

Phil, thanks for writing. The big red rock and the little show are located next door to the British and German embassies, which share a house fronting Hellusund on the eastern hill above downtown. Anyway, I'm glas yo enjoyed the show. Honestly, a very few people are let down by how homespun it is, but the great majority appreciate that it's all about local volcano lovers sharing their knowledge and passion with the visiting world.