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So Sunday was our big 17th of June National Holiday, in theory celebrating independence from Denmark and the establishment of the Republic of Iceland, but in fact celebrating the birthday of Jón Sigurðsson, who I'll let you read up on all by yourself courtesy of the above link to Wikipedia.

The celebration downtown is a perfect start-of-summer chance for Iceland's up and coming to flirt, fancy and frolic. These three gents seemed so utterly charmed and amused by their pretty blonde friend, while she was doing a fine job of keeping them attractively at bay. The joy of youth!

(They saw me snap the shot, so I'm hoping I'm not invading anyone's privacy by posting this happy photo, but if anyone knows them and objects to this post, let me know and I'll pull it. I'm hoping that doesn't happen!)


Arnþór Snær said...

It's hard to be private out in public :)

Nice shot

J. L. T. said...

Dear Maria,
My trip to Snaefelsnes, Jökulsarlon, some other well-known places, and at least to Heimaey was wonder-ful!
I have shot another foto on the National Day with happy People dancing Rock ´n Roll:-) You can view it on my blog in a few days.
Greetings now from Germany :-(