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Last weekend the seventh annual Hátíð hafsins, or Sea Festival, was held down by the Reykjavik Harbor, where I spotted these jaunty little crafts all decked out for the festivities. this celebration is to show respect for and remembrance of all those who've helped make Iceland what it is today by braving the cold and tempestuous North Atlantic Seas for often elusive catch.

As it is, the strength of the króna rises and falls based on predictions of ocean yield. Some might say that basing an entire nation's economy on one industry is a risky thing to do, and that diversification into other profitable ventures, including applying our extensive geothermal energy resource to other growth sectors in addition to aluminum, is the way to go. Yahoo, a company dedicated to going green, has recently shown interest in installing a high-energy consumption server farm here, which, if Iceland has the forsight to move ahead with, would be, most assuredly, a very good thing.

On a more pop/rock note, those of you who followed Rock Star: Supernova will recognize the name on the center boat. I'm sure this vessel is just as hard working, if not as talented on stage, as Iceland's other, more famous, Magni.


Anonymous said...

They look great! Hope Yahoo comes through for you -- I'm sure it's a much better choice than those smelting plants.

Anonymous said...

FYI....The orignal Magni which is now on stocks in the Reykjavik slip was a tug boat/icebreaker.

J. L. T. said...

Hi Maria,
your blog and the fotos are very nice. I am in Iceland for two weeks now. Maybe you like to visit my travel-blog (german).

Iceland Eyes said...

Thanks Dad for the FYI. And I hope you enjoy your travels, Soul Ocean!

Parisian Cowboy said...

A beautiful shot indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Our girl scout troop chose to represent Iceland in the International festival coming up on Feb 21st. We would love some ideas about how to dress, what to sell as a craft (the girls are required to MAKE whatever we sell) if we wish and what to serve as food if we wish. Could you give us a pointer or two?

Jan Nordic said...

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