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Fall's here, so I thought I'd post a photo from the last days of summer, just to remind us how wonderful we had it during the hot months this year.

Buskers and street musicians are not usually permitted to play for any amount of time on the sidewalks of Reykjavik (unfortunately) though this collaboration of young musicians was able to put in a good few hours' session of jazz. Maybe they'd gotten permission, because it wasn't the authorities that eventually drove them to pack up, but a well-tipsy local who couldn't seem to stop from getting overly involoved in what they were doing. You can see him boogying down in this shot, but in between dance moves he was trying wholehertedly to help the musicians play their instruments, much to their frustration. They had humor for it for a while, then called it a day. I'm sure the interloper has nothing but fond memories of his sunny sumer day jamming with the boys.

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