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Day After

I suppose I can't let Reykjavik's annual Iceland Airwaves music festival weekend pass by without posting something about it. I only saw one act this year, at the Mál og Menning bookstore on Laugavegur this afternoon, and I don't even know who it was. Some swell female crooner and a couple of jazzy backup guys (Babar maybe?). The fesitval was sold out this year again and my father said yesterday that the main shooping street, Laugavegur, was swarming with foreign accents and people hauling music equipment around. That's the cool thing about this festival: Reykjavik becomes, for one weekend, a very international place, just like a tiny San Francisco or like a small slice of London, or New York. And this year the organizers tackled the overcrowded venue issue by holding free concerts all over town, like the one I witnessed at the bookstore today. They get a big plus for that!

This still life is one I happened across this morning, the day after the last big concert night of the festival. A broken beer bottle, a lighter, an empty cig box, stubs, a half-full ashtray and a copy of yesterday's Grapevine festival guide all grace the scene, a fine memorial to last night's downtown action.


Unknown said...

I was so hoping you would post something connected with Iceland Airwaves and I am not disappointed! You have and eye and know how to capture a mood - the morning after.

Anonymous said...

Great pic. I can imagine how was the scene.

Anonymous said...

I loved going into Reykjavik this weekend! I'm too young to go to most of the Airwaves acts but I did manage to get a little musical entertainment this Saturday while perusing through Kolaportið. I have no clue who was playing, but it was nice nonetheless. The weather wasn't too bad either. I think Klassart was going to play at Mál og Menning but I´m not positive.