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Thanks to all the brave men and women at Reykjavik's Flugbjörgunarsveit, or Air Rescue Corps, for supplying us with a sweet little evergreen for our living room. Though recent dispatches have basically been to retrieve pieces of rooftop corrugated iron from surrounding trees during last week's heavy winds, all of Iceland's Rescue Corps deserve intense admiration for braving our wilderness in the name of saving lives from our island's very fickle appetites.


Viszlát Sjáumst said...

Hi Maria - great photo here. It's action and inaction all at once. I have to ask, do you always have your camera on you? Or do you sometimes see something and come back later and take a photo?

It's amazing... Sometimes I think anyone can take a picture of anything and make it interesting - but I dunno... these are great.

I just wonder, should I carry my camera around all the time? probably, yeah. great work

Iceland Eyes said...

Thanks again for the great words, vs. Yes, I always have my camera on me: it's a little Olympus Mju (Stylus in the US) so it doesn't take up much would never work for me hauling around one of those big lens-y jobs.

I guess I just started stopping when I noticed a scene or object that caught my eye. For years I just kept the impressions in my own head, then I started writing about them. When I finally trained myself to take photos of those scenes and things I discovered that other people found the same stuff cool that I did which, of course, makes me very happy.