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Iceland's only army is of the Salvation kind. Their second-hand clothing store is located on the corner of Garðastræti (which runs just above and to the west of the main downtown plaza) and Ránargata, a street that has developed into a charming kind of B&B Row, with a number of guesthouses including Alfholl, Three Sisters and Vikingur. Without specifically endorsing anything, this is a quieter neighborhood than on the Laugavegur (east) side of the town center, a quality which some visitors find very attractive in regards to their lodgings. And while over there on the West Side you can pop in to the Salvation Army store where you may find a hidden local treasure and support a good cause at the same time.

Oh, and the answers to this post's quiz are:
* The Government House
* Governor Hannes Hafsteinn
* The Danish King Christian IX
(Both statues by Einar Jónsson commemorating the 1918 Act of Union, a first step toward independence. The King is handing over the official documentation of self-govenment)
* Bankastræti
* The new Music and Convention Center (see this video for a full 3D tour of the project)
* And lastly, the Men's public toilets (the Women's is across the street)

Thanks to all who played!


Darien Fisher-Duke said...

I am embarrassed that I didn't do better on the quiz! (sigh)
I recommend Three Sisters most heartily. Thor and Sonja made us feel very much at home, and I doubt if you could find a better location, where everything is within walking distance. Having a kitchen in the room helped our budget, too.


You have an extremely interesting blog.

tigermilk said...

i loved the iceland blog, i like living through other's experience specially by internet.
good luck on everything.
By the way, i have also my blogspot ith my music and you can link to a rapishare file to download it in mp3 zipped.
let's keep us posting and keeping in touch too

cristin said...

hi there..i am visiting shortly from boston ma and i am looking for some ideas on where to stay in the city...from ppl who actually live in reykjavik, instead of online hotel pages..and recomendations?