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For those of you who've traveled here recently and experienced how grand our international airport is out at KeflavĂ­k (no sarcasm's a very nice building) you might get a kick out of seeing this photo of the departure lounge at the Reykjavik inland Airport. One of Air Iceland's planes is visible on the tarmac outside, a Fokker F50 ready for it's next flight to Akureyri. The lounge is about double the size of what's visible in the photo, and just behind the man with the shoulder bag is the squeaky and rickety old baggage carousel.

At the cafeteria, adjacent to the lounge, works a woman from South America named Valentina who speaks five languages and holds a degree in engineering, or so I was told by the flight attendant who checked in my Valentina during her most recent travels.

This airport is cozy and homey and well-worn. Some people want it gone from the city center, moved out to Keflavik, while others like it just where it is. Still others say one of our closer bay islands would suit it well. If it is moved we'll miss the constant low arrival fly-overs through the heart of the city and the sight of private jets coming and going, and the fun game of guessing who owns which ones. You can read more about the airport here.

And remember, Greenland is a hop and a skip away: you can literally book a day trip to Kulusuk from May to September. More info here. Very cool.
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Anonymous said...

I once took the Fokker to Akureyri. Reykjavik airport was pretty crowded that day in summer 2004. And the flight was absolutely amazing, clear sky and a perfect view over central Iceland.

Talking about small airports, we should mention Akureyri's cozy little airport. Even Reykjavik's domestic airport is big compared to this one.



Julie said...

On a 10-day visit to Iceland in 2004, I spent a good chunk of time in the Reykjavik airport, for flights to Akureyri and to Heimey. Our flight to Heimey was delayed, then canceled, due to weather. We did get the educational perk of watching "Bob the Builder" in Icelandic...I never knew that Bob and Wendy were fluent in the language! Since my partner and I aren't fluent, we couldn't read the Icelandic "Departures" screen, and as the airport emptied out, we figured there was a problem, and we asked. The man behind the desk was quite helpful in exploring our options, and I was really proud that I could pronounce "Hofn" so that he understood it. We ended up flying to Heimey for a day trip, instead of an overnight, the next day. Fond memories...

Graham Jones said...

Hi Maria,
I haven't been here much for quit awhile because I had a dial-up connection. I'm back on highspeed so now I can see all your wonderful photos.
I would be very excited to see this airport because that would mean I had made it to Iceland...still hoping to get there in the next couple of years.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you got your muse back. I myself have not been so active lately, but I'm plenty busy learning a new instrument and doing the musical. I spoke with a guidance councilor about becoming an exchange student for my junior year and I'm thinking about it. Hope everything is good on the island!


Iceland Eyes said...

Four excellent comments: two stories about the airport, one visit from an old blog buddy, and one bit of possible great news from my favorite niece. Makes blogging worth my while...:-)

Gerald (SK14) said...

The day trip to Greenland sounds great - I'd love to do it but never will - still I can dream.

Anonymous said...

Keflavik airport is one of the nices airport I ´ve ever been in, it just look like an library with all that wooden walls and stillness.