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Out by the huge oil tanks at the tip of Örfirisey, the plot of land (once an island) that hugs the west side of the Reykajvik harbor, stands this old corrugated iron clad house. It was moved out to this empty lot from a location in downtown Reykjavik, though I don't recall exactly where it once stood. I'm sure it's awaiting relocation to a new site in the city center, as Örfirisey, or "island that it's possible to walk out to", (section 7 on this map) is not the most hospitable spot for a classic bit of Reykajvik's architectural history.

Of note: Trains in Iceland? Read here for a short history of Reykjavik's railways.


Holly said...

What a curious and colorful house...striking.

Anonymous said...

hi hi hi flight in polish is... lot ;)

Darien Fisher-Duke said...

Maria Alva, this is so cool! My husband wants to do a model train layout using Iceland for his location. He thought it would be a fantasy railway: he thought wrong! Thanks--this is interesting!

Anonymous said...


You may even have a tie, alas a very far reached one, to the one and only railroad in Iceland thru your father middle name at his baptism, Ástvaldur. That name was for a man (the first one Þórir was for his amma, Þóra)that lived in the basement of the house next door and cut tobacco for living. If I remember the story as your grandmother told it to me, Ástvaldur had lost both his feet in a railway accident when he saved a child. After that he had to make his living sitting down, hence the tobacco cutting. Your langamma, Þóra, used to jump over the wall between here house and the one he lived in to bring him food.

Anonymous said...

if you have any photos of keflavik, please mail/msn me cus that town has been a fascination of mine for many years now and i will go there this summer.

daniel tingsjö, sweden

LA Nickers said...

Very cool photo!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful photo!