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Black Church

A classic 19th church sits in evening light on Brautarholt in Kjalarnes, a small town just to the north of Reykjavík (here on Google Maps)

This church, with it's Italian marble baptismal font, is the direct successor to the first church erected in Iceland, at Esjuberg at the foot of Mount Esja just prior to 900 A.D. This building is of course only 150 years old, but Christian structures have stood on this location since the days of settlement over a thousand years ago.

Here is a fascinating document from 1873 on "Some Ruins in..Iceland" for those of you who, like me, love history.


Anonymous said...

Hi Maria -

I don't know if you'll remember me. We were on the drill team together in high school - I was a year ahead of you - Jill Johnson. I found your site through My Space. I just love your pictures! I really enjoy your site. Take care of yourself.


Luis said...

great picture of the bleak beauty of Iceland.

The history seems everywhere in Iceland despite the tough conditions which I imagine means that the physical buildings have a limited chance of surviving too long.....

Anonymous said...

I always dream to travel to Iceland, great blog!!