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Oh, the green hills and valleys of summertime!

Everything is wobbly here on the lava rock. Our economy's going the way of Zimbabwe's, we're protesting on the streets like the French and our downtown is looking a too ghetto-style USA.

Maybe its time to just lease a luxury camper and get away from it all...


SDC said...

I'm sorry to hear things have been going badly in Iceland. I visited briefly last year and really loved the place, and want to go back someday. The 'ghetto-USA' motif might make me feel more at home, but certainly it's the fact that there's no place like Iceland that makes it interesting and appealing...

The USD and US economy have certainly seen better days, too.

Bronze God said...

I hope you are exaggerating?
I chat with icelandic girls and they say it's a beautiful place. But i also have heard recently that the Krona is not doing well.

Well, update us with what else is going on!
Take care.

Luis said...

All seemed wonderfully calm when I visited last year.

Read that the Krona and banks are suffering now but hope the "ghetto-USA" is not a true reflection on how things are just yet.

However the hills look beautiful so you could do a lot worse than head for them !

Unknown said...

things are in flux for most of the world right now. the best we can do is hold tight to those we love and weather the storm. iceland will survive the financial instability, it's the "ghetto-style" i worry about. i love reykjavik, but the graffitti gets me down. young icelanders must learn to love their home again. it's not perfect (nothing is), but it is far better than they know.

Anonymous said...

if it was summer already, I'd suggest to not bother with the camper. Take a walk instead. For example from the Eldgjá to Langisjór via Skælingar and Sveinstindur. I am sure that you'll love Iceland even more afterwards.

Regarding Reykjavík, I hope it won't become more American, i.e. have more and more separate neighbourhoods interconnected by driving-only roads.