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Here's some charming people, students of Kvennaskólinn, all prettied up in national dress for Peysafatadagur, held a few Fridays ago. The third year students, 18 year old-ish, get all dolled (and guyed) up, then dance and sing at various locations about town, including a retirement home two. It's a fancy sight, seeing these ultra-hip kids so full of classic-style pride and joy.


Unknown said...

i'm so jealous! i wish WE had some classic style! the outfits are awesome! i'm sure the singing is a treat too! the closest we have is blue jeans, cowboy hats, and western swing music.
love from Austin, Texas

Anonymous said...

How fabulous!

And it just goes to show, you don't have to be restricted in either the "hip" box or the "classical" one.

Bronze God said...

How great of a tradiiton , and geez that guy in the right looks like a giant.
The girls are beautiful, the country is too, and the tradition is rich.

Like the first poster said, if only we had more of that here in the U.S.A!