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Perfect new life emerges from unusual places, like these tiny grasses sprouting from a mossy clump on a mid-town wall. Through all the fretting and fixing, conflict and complaining of women and men growth appears unbidden and unaided, extending forth with some silent will of its own.

Some may consider this emergence a blemish to be carefully scraped away, but I consider it beautiful.


Julie said...

It is beautiful. Thanks for photographing it, and reminding us.

Holly said...

It's always nice when those people with a magical ability to see beauty in unexpected places have cameras too. :)

Iceland Eyes said...

Sweet comment, Cuileann. And I'm so glad you like it Julie.

Darron said...

For those of us who have lived in Iceland but can't do so now, it is extremely satisfying to reconnect on occasion in a way that doesn't end up being "cliché". I am frequently please in that way here.

kompoStella said...

hey there -
just found your blog. very. nice.
i too am a fan of moss - great shot, thanks for sharing :-)