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A beautiful day at the family park in Laugardalur.

We've had a lot of lovely days lately, which always makes me happy because that means the tourists who've spent their hard earned money to get here won't be disappointed. Pride spills over, as if I'm a hostess displaying her glorious feast for welcomed guests. I still want to occasionally say Go ahead and wear your pretty clothes in town, everyone's doing it. Leave the brand new hiking boots for your day trip to the countryside. You'll enjoy your lunch more if you do. But if you've just spent a mini fortune on sensible footgear and an all-weather parka you'll want to go ahead and use them.

Notice, though, that even out in the back country you'll see Icelanders in darling little gilded ballet flats and $300 Adidas fashion trainers, yes talking on their cells (if there's reception) while tiptoeing their way out past the sulfur pits to watch Strokkur blow, and bemoaning the fate of their Dolce&Gabbana while slipping down misty steps to Gullfoss in their skinny jeans, as if they had no idea they'd get wet. Fashion does not stop at city limits, so while you're here try dolling up (men as well!) when you'd least think to to enjoy the full Icelandic experience.


Holly said...

Gulfoss, eh? Stunning!

I can relate to the proud hostess feeling (San Franciscan, again)...I dearly hope I'll get to traipse around the 101 in my dolled up getup someday. ;)

Janni said...

The thing about the shoes is ... once you pack those hiking boots and sensible clothes, there sometimes not room for the pretty shoes/clothes in the luggage, especially if you're busing your way around the country!

(If I ever get to stay more than two weeks, I'll pack prettier stuff. :-))

Been thinking of Iceland's long summer nights as I read my blogs this week--it's been a year since I last visited!

Anonymous said...


By the way, do you have any comments on the proposed English-only law in Ohio?

Anonymous said...

I will be there next week and can't wait! This is my second trip there and I have been longing to return.

Your blog has helped me feel like I am there already! Also the Iceland Says blog has been great for me 15 year old. Thank you!

Iceland Eyes said...

Thanks for all your comments, and good ones they are at that!

Cuileann...Ahh, San Francisco...

Janni, true about the packing issue, especially when we get to take less and less with us on our flights.

Bruce, I grew up bilingual in California with dozens of other languages surrounding me, so I think any legislation to create an homogenous language culture in the States is a hopeless affair. Languages grow and spread like dandelions, or like vines, according to their relevance and need. You can chop them back but they'll always reemerge (with respect given to lost languages and lost cultures, overwhelmed by Others. But even that is part of the age-old human experience. Everything Changes...)

And Deena, so glad your here! Maybe I've already passed you on the street! And great that your 15 year old enjoyed Iceland Says! I'm very proud of my students!

Tony said...

Wow, Maria. Strokkur looks amazing...your pictures just keep leaving me wanting to go there even more...I guess I really am turning into an "Icelandophile," as you call them :D

Andy said...

I bought a shirt in a little store in Kringlan, the most beautiful shirt I ever owned, maybe five years ago now.

I was 10 years too old to shop there or wear its clothes and the two impossibly beautiful, impossibly young attendants (one male, one female) looked at me as if I was someone's grandfather at a nightclub, but still I bought the shirt. So many people were doing exactly what you said - dolling up and looking wonderful - that I wanted a small part of it.

I've only worn it once - unbuttoned, over a tshirt, because I never did lose enough weight to let the buttons meet and because I never did work out enough to look anything other than embarrassing in the oh-so thin material.

About a month ago, I admitted to myself that I'll never wear it again, and gave it away to my other half. She looks stunning in it.

But she would - it's a stunning shirt.