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Here's an email I got from an Iceland Eyes reader. Does anyone have an answer for him?

We are flying from the US via Delta to Boston and then Icelandair to
Iceland. While Delta allows a 40 lb carry on Icelandair only allows 13 lb. Do you know or do you know of anyone I could talk to who has recently flown Icelandair to know if they weight carry on baggage from people who are transferring from one airline to theirs? I have never seen that happen anywhere else. Since our carry on weights 9 lb empty it seems worthless to bring it for 4 lbs of items.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Anonymous said...

Just went to Iceland 3 weeks ago with 3 kids. I can assure you that nobody even looked at our carry-ons, and that 2 of them were definitely closer to 40 lbs than to 13lbs.

Anonymous said...

We flew Icelandair a few weeks ago as well and went through Boston and nobody weighed our carry-ons.

Grandpa and Grandma B said...

Thanks to both of you! We are excited to becoming to Iceland. We already have a beautiful apartment in Selfoss right on the river which looks great.

Holly said...

Love that picture.

The Lone Beader® said...

That is odd. I have never flown Iceland Air (yet), but I have enver seen anyone weigh carry-on luggage. Especially in Boston!

kylee said...

I just returned from Iceland last week, and I did see one carry-on get weighed. It was clearly over the size limit though, so that's what tipped them off. That was the only one I've ever seen get weighed though. I think as long as you have a carry-on that is within regulation or very close then they won't ask questions.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is the difference in lbs or kg?
The website of Icelandair says you can take at Transatlantic flights 2 suitcases, each weighs max. 23 kg. (50lbs)

Grandpa and Grandma B said...

We flew in on September 30, 2008 and they did not weigh our carry-on luggage. We had checked our luggage in Salt Lake but had to go back through check-in and the lady looked at our carry on luggage but did not weigh it. We really appreciate the help from everyone. At the prices of things in Iceland we wish we had brought more with us. We are now living in Selfoss and love it here.

Leif Hagen said...

Iceland Eyes! Great blog! Is this boy on his boat a Viking? My name is Leif! Is his name Leifur Eriksson? Fun to look through your blog. Kind regards from EAGAN daily photo in friendly Minnesota