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Someone told me about an interview held with an elderly Icelander where the topic turned to the subject of the most important innovation to come to the island in the 20th century. The interviewee, in her eighties, pondered the question for a while then announced that the thing that most changed the lives of Icelanders in the past one hundred years were rubber boots. For the first time in a millenia Icelanders had dry feet all year round.

In these complicated times it's sometimes good to remember the simple things in life.

Please take a look at Iceland Eyes' sister site, Iceland Says, with new posts by Reykjavik college students every day for the next few weeks. Comments are always welcome!

p.s. this photo was taken by Valentina Jóhannsdóttir, my daughter.


Anonymous said...

Icelandsays is great. Reading the views of the youngester of the state of the country is an eyes opener, one that our politicians should read. I am amazed how well the JC (Junior College) write english. Keep up the good work.

Holly said...

I love that answer!

And I have been enjoyed Iceland Says too - thank you for coordinating it!

Anonymous said...

Suddenly, I'm starting to appreciate my shoes. Wet, cold feet are a nightmare! (well I think a leaky roof dripping on me while I try to sleep is even worse).

Anonymous: "one that our politicians should read" It's a known fact that politicians don't listen they actually read?

Definition of politician: Shun advice, fake it till you make it; and or travel the globe attending seamingly endless conferences and meetings while mingling and having a royal time feasting on expensive food and drinks.

Oh..and after the festivities has ended sign (not read) the pieces of paper that gets shoved in their faces. You know, unimportant things like cease fires, trade agreements and financial aid :)

Julie said...

Cool photo, Valentina! It's nice to see that you have inherited your mom's photographic talent!

Tony said...

This is a wonderful photo. It's unreal!

And the simple things are the best things in life...what great insight that elderly Icelander has!

Anonymous said...

I love the rubber boot answer. Why, of course. Dry feet. I also love the essays in Iceland Says. I will link to it in

Anonymous said...

My 90+ year old Maine grandmother feels the same way!

What a great answer.

I am in absolute knots about our election day today. The voter suppression has been ridiculous.

I'm on my way to stand in line for most of the day and exercise my right to have my voice heard!

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful photo. And, please keep writing in your amazing blog -- we sympathize with the plight of Iceland. Your country is very beautiful. I hope things turn out all right.

bathmate said...

This is wonderful posting. Thank you.