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We've been dusted again with a light snow though the threatened super-cold snap has yet to show. These grasses in front of the Government House on Lækjargata have got it made, gathered as they are around the heat of a flood lamp. Even in the coldest dark, they seem to suggest, a warming glow can be found.

Thanks to all who took part in the voting. We doubled my tally in just under forty eight hours, and now the polls are about closed. We didn't win, but we showed strength and hope. That's democracy in action!


lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

Wow Maria,
I am so pleased we have found your blog. We are coming to Iceland (only briefly, I wish longer) at the end of April! and I have loved reading your blog. Thank you. Looking forward to your future posts.

Sigga82 said...

María þú ert ekki smá öflug í að vera að blogga flottar myndirnar ert það þú sem ert að taka þær? .. ég varð að kíkja hérna inná hjá þér fylgjast með
og held því áfram

sá að þú varst með facebook addaði þér þar

ps var í enskunni hjá þér núna fyrir jól og áramót.. hhmmm

Kv Sigga Rós