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One of Kaffismiðja Ísland's owners, Sonja Grant, is refilling her grinders with fresh toasty beans, roasted on location in a fantasy-pink coffee roaster at the most cozy café in town. The location is sweet, the coffee amazing and barista Hjörtur makes the perfect drink every time.

Be their guest: stop by, order something warm and inspiring, flip through the selection of classic vinyl, put something on the turntable, have a seat, sigh happily, smile, and enjoy.


Djaddi said...

Ooh, wish I'd seen this place before I moved out of Iceland! Looks pretty nice.

In my experience, the best coffee in Reykjavík was at Kaffi félagið, and the best atmosphere at Babalú :)

ג. ג. said...

Every time I visit Reykjavik (once or twice a month) I'm looking for a new coffee house, my list is getting shorter. Thanks for the tip :)

Anonymous said...

How about giving us the location?

Iceland Eyes said...

Self-discovery is half the fun, Anonymous. Giving the location here would be too obvious ;)

Karl P said... says kárastígur 1, so that's pretty much opposite krambúðin.

Jochen Stachelrochen said...

hmmm. i´ve passed it several times but always when it was already closed. now i moved away from iceland and i´m sad that i never made it.
another reason to come back soon ;)