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From Iceland to Paradise Island, Bahamas: The Path

Paths wind through the ashram foliage, yours to choose.

Here you are not an accumulation of all you've been, but an unfolding of pure potential at every moment.

Doves flow through this compact jungle, cooing the name of Sumer's goddess, Hu.

If you step softly you may even hear the soft rustle of a swami's orange robes on a path nearby, or the gentle chanting of students in their morning meditations.

Here you stretch your heart to the sun, on a beach, by the trees...

...and meet like-minded souls over shared meals.

And, of course, there's always the sea...

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Thank you for the beautiful pictures. My husband and I love Iceland and have been there several times. However our trips are always too short. We would like to do a home/pet exchange with someone in Iceland. We live in a beautiful 40-acre woods with dogs and cats near the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.