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You've all read this Vanity Fair article about Iceland's crash, yes? Here's the tower Michael Lewis refers to. It's glorious, shiny and very very empty...

By the way, Mr. Lewis nails us in many ways, but yes, we do have more than ten or twenty names in circulation here, and no, not too many SUVs have been blown up and sorry, but even the women here can be stubborn and bumbling and inexcusably, unapologetically aggressive when in public.

It's a space thing: Dr. Seuss' Zax anyone? (and the Zax's even agreed to disagree, and not barge into each other sans eye contact, a disturbing local phenomenon for those from more cultured cultures.)

1 comment:

RXLWK said...

that video is wonderful and ominous. dr. seuss is so great!

when i was there last, i witnessed some pretty brutish, aggressive and unnecessary behaviour from both men and women, but the majority of the icelanders i know are sweet, considerate, respectful people. i thought it was unfair and sexist of the vanity fair article to paint the icelandic men in that way.