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A Lovely Bee Poses for Me

True beauty is found in subtle and wondrous places if we stop long enough to allow its emergence into our reality. This small miracle of nature posed peacefully for me, for which I'm grateful.

Thank You to all who made this holiday weekend an Amazing Experience and Thank the Gods for our heavenly weather! And remember to thank the humble and lovely Bee on whom our lives may actually, literally, depend.


Julie said...

Did you take that picture? Its so good.

Iceland Eyes said...

Yep, me and that bee are best buds after the photo shoot yesterday. (Thanks Julie *.*)

Anonymous said...

The picture is amazing. I am so scared of bees and am amazed that you were that close. Have you ever thought about being a professional photographer? Your pictures are always so good, so interesting.


Iceland Eyes said...

Steph, the bee was so busy doing his thing (posing maybe) that me and my little camera were no bother to him. And you know, the photos are all for you, my visitors, just to brighten you days a bit. That alone makes me happy :)

Lennart said...

Since all the bees are disappearing from San Joaquin Valley and Silicon Valley here in California it appears that they somehow are ending up on Iceland.

An Icelandic gang perhaps?

Next time you see a bee, please turn it upside down and I am sure you will see a small sign: "Made in the United States" on its belly. :-)

And once more, just to be sure, in Swedish:

Eftersom alla bina försvinner från San Joaquin Valley och Silicon Valley här i Kalifornien så verkar det som om de på något konstigt sätt hamnar på Island.

En isländskt liga kanske?

Nästa gång du ser ett bi kan du kanske vända det upp och ner på det. Jag är säker på att du kommer att se ett litet "Made in USA" på magen.

Hälsningar från Silicon Valley.

Anonymous said...

Hello from London!

You're my official Iceland tour guide now!
It's so good to be able to admire the beauty of your country through your photographs!

Iceland Eyes said...

Lennart, you're so funny. Expat bees...mhmmm.

Seriously, in the TED lecture I linked in the post, the guy is talking about having little meadows instead of lawns, which are like green deserts, and even that it's possible to have a little meadow of wildflowers and grasses in a planter box or whatever on one's balcony, etc. That way bees have a place to go, as well as other insects. Give them a home and they'll be your friends! They have no interest in bothering us. Here's the secret:

If you've got a bee or wasp that's come in a little too close, just act like a plant, move slowly, like you're swaying in the wind, walk slowly, like an Ent (LOTR reference,) and everything will be fine.

Bees like me. I whisper to them and tell them they're pretty. Happy stuff.

Hi London! Welcome to Iceland!

Anonymous said...

As usual your pics amaze and your words inspire......

Juz said...

Greetings from Cape Town,
I would love to see Iceland one day. But for the moment I'm stuck on Planet Capri.