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Mural at Frakkastígur in Reykjavik

I was tempted to post about the price of carrots [update: I did just that] but thought better about it and decided to display this artsy beauty shot instead. Who really cares out there in the world that locally grown carrots are up to 900 kr/kg ($7/kg., or ~$3.50/lb.) though organic? Not you. It may not even seem like that much when you do the currency conversion. It's more a local issue. Like the cost of milk almost doubling over the course of the summer. It's a relative thing. And we are on a remote island. And it's expensive in Hawaii as well, I've heard. And H1N1 didn't really even get a toehold here. AND we've had the Most Excellent weather EVER here this summer. So what's to worry about?

Everything's fine.


Lennart said...

I am devastated, you mean to say that there are no murals with carrots on Iceland?

Väggmålningar med morötter.

The WCMA, The World Carrot Muralist Association, will not take this lying down. This could be the beginning of a new cod war.

Pigs may not fly but carrots definitely will when this news leaks out to the world press.

Anonymous said...

could you post a picture of the mural where we can, erm, actually see the mural and what's on it?!

Julie said...

OK, I would like to see the entire mural, since anonymous brought that up. Meantime, I want to say this is a cool shot--I like the angle, the gray skies...

Iceland Eyes said...

Erm, no. Not if you're going to stay anonymous. (Thanks for the compliment, Julie.)

Anonymous said...

Actually I find the price of carrots more interesting than the mural. :)

My husband and I are coming to Iceland this weekend for 10 days. It is our first trip to Iceland and we are really excited about it. We are trying to find out as much about Iceland as we can, including grocery prices. Despite people say things are cheaper now for tourists due to the exchange rate, I still find Icelandic prices exceptional high!

Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A.

Ivo Serenthà said...

Congratulation for your blog and pictures included,I encourage you to photoblog

Greetings from Italy,


m. said...

"Everything's fine."

Love your irony (and pics).

ג. ג. said...

I like your optimism, it almost made me delete my last blog about the Swine flu in Iceland.
But than I realizes it´s too early to jump into conclusions, but I hope you are right.

Iceland Eyes said...

I really try to stay away from irony. Everything IS fine. Honestly! Life is lovely from this humble perspective, despite the cost of veggies is going up.

Really, all we can do is laugh a little more, hug our beloveds, hold nice dinner party, and breathe, just breathe... *:*

Laura said...

I've been reading your blog for several months in anticipation for my three months stay in Iceland (I'm studying near Selfoss), and it has been so much fun finally arrive and experience firsthand all the sights that you have so artfully captured in your pictures. I saw this mural for the first time today and was so excited to have found it after being so enchanted by this photo.

I love your work! And you're right, the price of locally produced carrots is ridiculous!