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Squatters recently took over an abandoned house on Skólavörðurstígur, with the (approval) of the owner, who's looking the other way, ahem. For last Saturday's Culture Night they spiffied up the yard and announced a Schengen-Free Zone with a free-stuff bazar in the house's basement. Very cool.

p.s. Iceland eyes has been invited to take part in a joust! Really just a blog tournament, but cool anyway. Go here for more info and get yourselves ready to vote!


Kata said...

Very cool!

Love your blog, it's a great way to stay in touch with my homeland.

Icelandish said...

This reminds me of a small version of Copenhagen's Christiania Free Town (minus the drug dealers on the infamous Pusher's Street of course!). When you leave the Free Town village/commune/whateveryoucallit, a sign greets you with "you are now entering the EU".

Iceland Eyes said...

Glad you like it, Kata. And, Yessica, it IS our innocent baby version of 'Stína, isn't it?

_*_ said...


Yumm,,'I like to read news about Iceland in this blog ,,in different way..and thinking.. thx. 4 that..

About EU,. My home country is Latvia and there was almost same situation like now in Iceland - to join or not to EU.. At my opinion - DO NOT join EU' because,.. EU take's MORE than gives.,,and those conditions and prohibitions are totally sick,.. Iceland have a huge potentialities' you need just to use them..

Jeff said...

I noticed that a lot of your traffic for the tournament came a couple days ago, you may want to let your readers know that you are CURRENTLY up for votes. Just a friendly tip! Jeff, from

shelby catherine said...

Love your blog! Got pointed toward it by a friend. More property owners should be taking this lead. Meanwhile, the artist this post features is Cody Pickrodt, his work is at .. enjoy!