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Tiny moss in macro ~.~


Barry Napier said...

Great picture! Glad to see you're back!

Iceland Eyes said...

marĂ­a would love a print of this picture...mamma

Yoga Travel Guru said...

This picture makes me happy, it also reminds me of Quinoa. I am leading a trip to Iceland with a group of yogi's in June my company Solyoga Adventures and I can't wait. I'm going to meander through your blog looking for treats.

Iceland Eyes said...

Barry, unfortunately I'm having a small crisis with my camera right now, but hopefully I'll Really be Back soon : )

YTG: thank you for the compliment. I know you'll love your trip here...the nighttime sunlight is absolutely amazing! namaste ~.~

sapphire said...

Beautiful photo. The snow here melted in a day and before that was grey and ugly.

Lovely that you captured a proper spring photo.