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At Kaldásel, near Hafnafjörður 

I have not been to the volcano yet, so no photos of gurgling, spewing lava lighting up the still-dark spring nights at the edge of a glacier.

Instead I'll offer up something much more mundane: a brightly-painted play feature standing lonely on the 7,300 year old Búrfellshraun lava field, east of Hafnarfjörður.


Anonymous said...

While sipping my first cup of coffee, I performed my morning ritual of blog-hopping. I followed the crumbs to your blog and enjoyed it so such that I poured a second cup and stayed a while not to savor my favorite liquid gold, but your softly descriptive writings and beautiful pictures.

Count me as a follower.

Liz (aka Ninny) from Oklahoma, USA

Iceland Eyes said...

Beautiful comment, Ninny. Thank you so much! I'm a little handicapped now because of camera difficulties, but will soon be posting again with love and joy ~.~

One Perfect Moment said...

Such a lonely picture . . . but then, suddenly, the colors make it come alive and you see the timelessness of the place