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Vala writes: On one of my trips last summer we found an old abandoned summer cottage by a beautiful lake called Hreðavatn in Borgarfjörður. The human residents had abandoned this lovely orange and pink cottage but these adorable sparrows had moved in and made their nest on the kitchen shelf next to the coffee-filters. The children thought this to be such an adventure. we found little treasures in the house, like old colouring-books, retro tin cans with psychadelic- and disney-prints and handpainted platters. On the second floor there were 6 built-in bunks for children: this had obviously once been a house filled with children, laughter and good memories. My children were so sad that "the family" had abandoned this adorable cottage and left it to rot that we decided to leave the treasures to honor the children if they would change their minds and come back for them..


Fred Miller said...

That's what I hope to find in Iceland someday. A place of solitude and life.

The Lone Beader® said...

That is such a nice surprise!