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GUEST PHOTOGRAPHER: Manny Santiago Iceland Airwaves has been going on this weekend, and as usual, our little city has been throbbing and pulsing to the sounds of the over 250 musicians who have graced the festival's many stages. The annual influx of visitors that fill the Reykjavik city streets during the five day fest are a welcome bit of international flavor, and the city is always a bit duller when they have gone.

In this photo by Manny (a Chicago-bred DJ and event producer who most recently did a stint at Gogogic, an Icelandic multi-platform game design studio) Swedish electropop artist Robyn dazzles a wild crowd at the Reykjavik Art Museum. Manny, and many others, were absolutely thrilled.


Lennart said...

Hi Maria, I like the new design of your blog, but I don't think one says "Click here for an interview I took with Ragnheiður Gestsdóttir". Shouldn't that be "that I did with ..."?

Iceland Eyes said...

Hahaha! Good catch. Fixed ^.~

phillegitimate said...

...I can't believe how many great groups keep coming out of Iceland! FM Belfast is the latest; I think gusgus will be next. This must be the country with the highest percentage of (great) musicians in the world, right?

Airwaves is sitting very high on my must-have experiences list.

Love your blog!

Iceland Eyes said...

Hi Phil. Thanks for the compliment. Hope you make it to Airwaves next year : )