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Here's classic Iceland Eyes from 2006, with a young girl I know quite well (my daughter) enjoying an ice cream in a hothouse in Hveragerði. Many of you who have visited Iceland have stopped off at the Eden restaurant and gift shop in this small town just east of Reykjavik, with its seemingly endless array of greenhouses growing a surprising variety of plants, from specialty florals to very tasty greens and vegetables.

Greenhouses are very much in the news here these days, as our Björk has announced herself as a proponent of developing that industry over adding more aluminum smelters to those already scattered about the island. This is a view also highlighted in the recent documentary The Future of Hope, which introduces an intriguingly optimistic vision of a new era in Iceland's history.

I've mentioned over the years here on Iceland Eyes that this is the path we should be following, and maybe now we can actually take the first real steps.

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Grandpa and Grandma B said...

We recently returned to the US after living in Selfoss for 18 months. We were always amazed that so many greenhouses in Hveragerði were being let go and many dismantled. It seemed such a natural to use them - glad to see there is support to bring them back.