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Screaming Dragons


Ýrr writes: This picture is taken at a birthday party for 4 year old Hildur, who is also one of the dragons in the image. She and Egill (the other dragon) are good friends and both have great imagination, often resulting in fun games and role-playing! The two dragons were jumping around and screaming their lungs out!

Photography has been a hobby of mine since I got my first DSLR camera in 2006. I Love taking pictures of "real-life" - of people, of children. Action shots, parties, events and kids playing. Of course, city-scape and Icelandic landscape and nature are also great inspirations but mostly my photos are about capturing life as I see it. "Snapshots" if you will :)

Ýrr has a B.S. in Computer Science from Reykjavík University and currently works in software for a major bank. Her photos are vivid and charming views into local life, bursting with color and somehow making even life's more mundane moments vibrant and alive. Please be sure to check out her Flickr album for more of her work.

And of course Happy New Year to everyone! Let's remember what really, truly matters in life this year, and in each moment, and be sure to breathe deeply, give thanks and hug the ones we're with!


Anonymous said...

Olá, gostei do seu blog. Pode visitar o meu por favor?

Anonymous said...

Hello, like your blog. You can visit my please?

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you and Ýrr for this photo and this text. Thanks for all the love and life you spread, and "vive l'Islande!" (i am french)

I really like your country, which is so much more democratic than France.