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Very happy children frolic on slick hay bales at a farm in Mosfellsdalur, a verdant valley that connects Mosfellsbær, just outside of Reykjavik, with the ever-popular Þingvellir,* where the Eurasian and North American continental plates endlessly diverge.

For the more literary-minded, Mosfellsdalur is the seat of Halldór Laxness territory and one of the original settlement sites in Iceland from as early as 874, as cited by the Landnámabók, or The Book of Settlement. For the archaeologists among us, here's a nice paper from UCLA on Viking-age excavations in the area.

But none of those fancy things mattered today. The kids just played, fed the new-born lambs, held tiny bunnies and puppies and kittens, petted tolerant horses and a very grandmotherly hen, ate hot dogs and cookies and got as dirty-muddy as they wanted to. Despite even the rain, it was a perfect day.



Iceland Eyes said...

Faithful readers might recognize this shot from 2009 ; ) I witnessed the same scene today, but just didn't get a better shot than this one. I love the movement in this scene!

Chris said...

Oh, your kids are also in Graenaborg?

Iceland Eyes said...

Sólskínsdeild, yes : ) Were you there too?

Chris said...

Yes, I have been there, too. My daughter is in Stjörnudeild. Small world.

Wayne Johnson said...

Exact opposite weather here in Texas USA. Hot and dry. Enjoy the coolness.

Iceland Eyes said...

Will do, Wayne : ) (could do with just a bit of hot and dry right now, though...)