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An easy day walk around Reykjavik, out from the city center, is an absolute must for visitors to get a true feeling for how peaceful and safe it is here. Here's an article I wrote for Packed magazine (page 35) describing a lovely walk, including the ethereal Öskjuhlíð forest pictured here.


David said...

Magnifique. Thank you.

Professor Batty said...

Your article is a more articulate summary of the speech I give to everyone who asks "what is there to do in Reykjavík?"

Reading it brings back memories of all the times I've walked parts of that same route, I think I even have a picture shot in the same place that yours was taken (the trees haven't grown much in five years.)

Because Reykjavík is so small, and because the attractions, housing and commercial buildings are literally piled on top of each other, it becomes a unique walking experience- the most interesting "small town" in the world?

Iceland Eyes said...

...and thank you David, for stopping by!

Professor, I think Reykjavik appeals to those who don't need excessive flash for entertainment, and who can appreciate the endless wonders in simple things. You are obviously one of them : )