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Some things take time to finish, like the new building at corner of Lækjargata and Austurstræti (right there on this amazing interactive map of our pretty city.) It replicates the one that burned down in 2007, which was one of the oldest in our city. (From the picture in the last link you can see that the new building was raised up a whole level, which actually suites the sightline just fine.) We're all happy to see this corner, which anyone who has visited Reykjavík will have passed by at least once, looking fine and shiny again.

In my response to a reader's comment in the last post, I put myself in the awkward position of having to back my words up with action and find something slightly unique relating to Iceland to present to visitors. And here it is: just about as random and bizarre a connection as you could imagine between Iceland and California. Thanks to a local woman, another FBI manhunt is done.

On an artistic note, please treat yourself to some true beauty by watching part 1 of the latest Weird Girls Project video, this time set to the evocative Love the Earth score by Imogen Heap. Producer, Concept Artist and Artistic Director Kitty Von-Sometime has once again created a work of art (be sure to view it full screen and then watch more of her work offered in the Vimeo menu, with soundtracks by some of Iceland's best musicians.)

Have you tried Dynamic Viewing yet? Five new views in all. Use the blue tab at the top of the view page to check them all out : )

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