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Pétur, who describes himself as "a freelance guide, driver guide, mountain guide, photograph guide, bird guide, geology guide...anthropology student, artist, photographer and [I work] in fashion" is a typically multi-talented Icelander with a wonderful aesthetic sense, as this image shows.

When I asked him to tell the story behind the photo he wrote, So the story behind the Horses photo...goes like this. I was fishing with a friend in Landmannalaugar territory. Enjoying the landscape even more. When arriving close to Hekla I jumped out of the car to shoot a photo of that Volcano. And by complete luck a bunch of horses came galloping towards me and this time I was ready with my camera...Everybody just loves this photo...And so do I...

In photography, timing is everything.

For more of Pétur's amazing images of Iceland and the world beyond, please visit his flickr site. And if you find yourself here on the Lava Rock needing a guide, contact me and I'll be sure to pass your info on.


I'd Rather Be in Iceland said...

Beautiful photo Maria, thanks for sharing.

Kevin Trammel said...

What a great photo. Breathtaking, transporting. Thanks for sharing it.

Jono said...

You and your guests, among others, have re-inspired me to get back to photography as a more serious pursuit. Thank you!