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This photo is of the Gravarvogur inlet (good article there from the Reykjavik Grapevine) looking out over to the water tanks at Grafarholt on a misty Sunday last weekend.

I'm considering the concept of what we resist persisting and liking how it works with change. Resistance to change is futile and in addition will cause it to persist. Giving this even a moment's meditative thought makes me feel like I'm in one of those giant plastic spheres rolling down a long green hill - it makes my stomach tingle with something like giddiness, or the uncomfortable but thrilling weightlessness that comes to us in those moments right before we fall asleep.

Beautiful and fantastic things are happening in the world and on this island - innovation, creation, bravery, compassion, healing - that help to offset the crumbling of old ways, both the socially sacred and profane. I like that when I get overwhelmed by all these darker secrets of our world that are being tattled and exposed these days, there's always some bright hope, some news or new product or method, that makes me smile.

It really is a wonderful world, and I guess I'm just going to keep on rolling with the change : )

Btw, if you haven't yet, go to the Iceland Eyes Facebook page, Like it if you'd like (I post more regularly there, with interesting and sometimes pretty obscure links), and then take a look in the left sidebar at the other fan pages I've liked (just a small slice of the total talent pool here, of course!) That way you can discover for yourselves some of the magic in the making here in Iceland. 


IanH said...

I just read your profile and will have to definitely put a visit on my "Bucket" list, if not only to see the country side and meet the people, but to also experience the Icelandic Fiord with the amazing trot.

Chrissy said...

This entire post makes me happy: the rainbow, your beautiful words, the reference to glad you're posting again!!!

Iceland Eyes said...

Awww, takk, Chrissy : )

And Ian, I sure hope you make it over soon to ride some horses (yours look wonderful, by the way!)

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