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If you've been following Iceland Eyes for a while, you'll know that seeing our island macro-style is one of my passions. Here's some wonderful color to help you start your new June week

Beauty often displays in hidden places...

It's amazing what the inside of a classic tulip has to offer ~.~


Jono said...

I am curious about the equipment you have been using for these shots. Could I get you to mention it? You have always had a good eye, but my curiosity gets the better of me.

Iceland Eyes said...

Thanks, Juno!

I've only ever used a digital compact. Up until 2007 I used a Canon Ixus 3.2mp, then later an Ixus 8mp. I gave up on Canon because of a known lens-retraction problem and now have a pink colored Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS11, 14mp, which I'm very happy with. I tried out quite a few cameras before choosing this one, and the biggest issue I ran into over and over was excessive noise on even the best settings. The Lumix has gotten great reviews based on the clarity of its images.

I just use the macro zoom feature. I've got it set for high quality (4:3 10mp, ISO 80, auto white balance) I never use flash or change the camera setting, and only maybe boost the exposure and saturation a bit in iPhoto. Very simple process :) I like to point the camera at colorful things, which really registers well digitally.

Viszlát Sjáumst said...

Lovely pics! Let me guess - these were taken just outside of Cafe Loki across from Hallgrímskirkja?

If not, they could have been... I had lunch there on Sunday afternoon and there were three or four big pots just like this out amongst the patio tables.

I just returned home from Reykjavík yesterday (Monday) after arriving last Thursday. What weather! I was quite lucky as it was rainy and miserable here in Boston the entire time.

Had a great time - can't wait to return. I am definitely hooked!

Iceland Eyes said...

Yep, Viszlát, you are correct! These flowers are ust outside of Cafe Loki, which we pass by almost every day : ) Glad you had a great trip!