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Culture Night in Reykjavik!

So I made it back to Smoke City in time for Menningarnótt, or Culture Night 2012. We had wonderful weather which makes a day/night like this, with thousands and thousands of people pouring into the downtown area, a perfect success (the point being that people would pour in regardless of the weather, being hearty Viking types, but the less wet and wind-blown and harried they are, the better!)

I was lucky enough to snap a bunch of really awesome and colorful photos of locals and visitors, which you can look at on my personal Facebook. Then go to the  Iceland Eyes Facebook page and Like it, just for fun : )

Here are a few shots to get you started...

I love the super colorfulness of this shot from the day's concert series at the Heart Park (it's got a heart in the middle of it, which is how it's got it's unofficial name.)

And here's Bedda, who some of you may know from the award-winning Our House hostel in downtown Reykjavik : )

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