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Another ridiculously gorgeous color display from a small garden on Bergþóragata...

Also, on my net ramblings I ran across something called SEEDS which is "an Icelandic non-governmental, non-profit volunteer organisation designed to promote intercultural understanding, environmental protection and awareness through work on environmental, social and cultural projects within Iceland." They offer all sorts of short and longer term work camps and volunteer positions, and seem to have gotten quite a few awards in their brief history. There's usually no upper age limit, so if you're 18 or over (and in some cases 16) you can apply to come spend some time here wokring on a good cause. Very cool!

It's been a while since I've posted anything about music and locals artists and such here on the blog. It's so much easier to just post that kind of stuff on the Facebook Page and on Twitter (@IcelandEyes) so be sure to go there too. Also, if you'd like to share your photos here or on the Facebook page, just let me know : )

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