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Eric writes: It was a magical sunset ride into the night but it never got dark…

There they were, 4 tiny cyclists in the vast open space of Iceland, all alone together. 

It was a journey of a lifetime, cycling 1400km into the wild, a journey of courage, bravery, endurance, hardship and most of all of pure pleasure and fun also a bit of a pain in the ass. A journey to discover and explore the wildness of an isolated world apart, a journey of exploring isolation within and connecting with innerfeelings unimaginable before, becoming a part of nature without the possibility of escaping the challenging elements of life. 

An everlasting connection with a Magical Place and Magical People, a place that is now my home far away from home. 

Island, Takk Fyrir Mig.

P.s. In his photo, you can just spot Eric's cycling mates riding the road through the valley ~.~ 


Anonymous said...

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cool blog, thanks