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The last post was a bit intense, dealing with environmental and historical issues we may not always want to look at. Though I've never been into the kind of shock-blogging that gets so much attention, I've never shied from posting not-so-glamourous photos and info here on Iceland Eyes either. My main theme has been "Real Reykjavik" from the start, warts and all.

I've also never given the Airwaves festival much press, though I was lucky enough to actually go to the second one back in '99, and have dabbled in most of them since. It gets so much attention that I've usually left it to other professionals to cover it.

But on Monday the festival starts rolling, so it's only fair to give it a shout-out. It really is amazing to see how big it's gotten in the past fourteen years! This year I'm going to do off-venue only, and was actually telling my friend yesterday that, because of the overwhelming selection of acts and my own valkvíði (hard time making choices..what's the English word again?), I'd probably just end up at my favorite local, Kaffibarinn, which is presenting an outstanding line-up all week.

Which brings me to the picture above. Who can tell me where it was taken, precisely, and why it's so special? Oh, and I've awakened the Iceland Eyes Facebook page and Twitter account, so join me there as well.


Jono said...

I don't know where it is, but it must have been during an earthquake.

Anonymous said...

I think it really is Kaffibarinn because of the type of chairs, position of bar and this "little wall" on the way with a place to put the cup of beers. Am I right? Let's see. :)

Iceland Eyes said...

No earthquake : ) but Kaffibarinn it is!!