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A Bright and Happy New Year to Us All

It's that time of year again to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

It's been a busy and super enjoyable holiday season, ending with tonight's rack of lamb dinner at my parent's house just a few blocks away from where we live. While my daughter Valentina and I were poking around on our iPhones (don't judge, please!) Óðinn, my 7 year old son, called his best friend Þórir, who lives just a few houses away, and invited him over to eat with us without asking his grandmother first.
Þórir was more than happy to join us as his family was having duck tonight, not his favorite. When he showed up my gracious mother Ásthildur  of course welcomed him as a part of the family, as she always does.

After dinner and a dessert of homemade ice cream, my father, whose name is also Þórir (pronounced Thorir, with rolled R's, and usually shortened to Thor in English) took the boys out for a last round of rocket-style fireworks and flares, which they all thoroughly enjoyed. Pictured above from the left, then, is Thorir, Thorir and Óðinn well-fed and happy after a great holiday season. 

Thanks to all my wonderful friends and family for making this a December to remember!

2014, here we come!

P.s. If you'd like to see a short clip of the fireworks that were set off last night in front of Hallgrímskirkja, just go to our Facebook page : ) 

(For the curious, my father is wearing a neck brace after a very unexpected slip on ice. It's been crazy slippery here, and even someone as agile as my dad is took a surprise fall. I wonder how the emergency rooms have been this past fortnight!) 


Mandy Indonesia said...

Hi, I really like your article. I will keep coming here, Thanks for this post.

Sophia said...

Frohes neues Jahr :). You have such a lovely blog about Iceland, am really excited how it will improve in 2014 :)

Iceland Eyes said...

Thanks to the both of you, and happy 2014!