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A Glacier in the Fog


Vincent writes:

This picture was taken at Sólheimajökull when a few friends came over to Iceland to celebrate a stag party. I organized a trip for them and took them sightseeing on a Sunday. 'Eerie Sólheimajökull' is what I call this picture. Everyone was quiet; there was a solid sense of awe from the guys who had never seen it and they thanked me for taking them there, since this isn't exactly a tourist-trap.

Vincent, originally from Belgium, is a software engineer at AlterEgo Studios here in the Greater Reykjavik area. He first came to Iceland years ago to work for CCP Games, left the country, then came back because he missed it so much. We're very glad he did! And I certainly hope he keeps finding beautiful landscapes to visit, and keeps taking beautiful photos to share.

(Note: My goal is weekly, if not twice-weekly, updates for this site though it's been a fortnight since my last post. Sometimes I just can't find a good photo to post, so I'd rather delay a bit than toss just anything into the mix. I update the Facebook Page daily, though, so check in there if you'd like a bit of Iceland every day : )


Stefan Jansson said...

Vincent has a good eye, and this is a very good photo.

Irene @ Fuiviagens said...

This photo is incredible. Congratulations Vincent for taking such a photo and for taking your friends there.

IsmeSon said...

Stunning photo! It's so hauntingly beautiful!!!!