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This is one of my all-time favorite photos because our Óðinn looks so absolutely happy. It's not new, though with the weather as it was today I'm sure this hot pool at Nauthólsvík was just as packed with bodies basking in the spring sun. I posted this first in 2010, and what I wrote then is just as applicable now:

 Today is a perfect day to follow our bliss, and to begin in the middle, where we stand, centering ourselves for the start of a new era. We turn our faces to the sun and, like children, bask in the beautiful and glistening now. 

We were all little once, learning and exploring and laughing and crying and loving. I like to remember that when I think I've become too sucked in to the adult world, with all our rules and politics and greed and machinations and righteousness. At those times I try to imagine the grownups I'm dealing with as four year olds, innocent and hopeful, and it never fails to make me smile* : )

*As a matter of fact, the Kid Snippets video series pretty much nails it - if you haven't seen their episodes yet, you definitely have to check it out.