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The gorgeous view at the hot spot by Kleifarvatn on the Reykjanes peninsla

We took a drive out to Krýsuvík today, only about 25 kilometers from the western end of Hafnarfjörður. The day was gorgeous, and aside from a few tourists poking around, we had the place to ourselves. Follow the links to read more about this dramatic patch of Iceland, so close to the capital.

This hotspot is just south of Kleifarvatn, a lake which is not only mysteriously disappearing, but is said to be the home of a huge serpent-like creature that surfaces regularly. So far, though, none of the available dive excursions have reported running into the beast, but from what I can see in the video on this site, it looks like a pretty awesome underwater adventure anyway.

(I just want to add that when signs ask us to stay on the walking paths, we really should. There are ugly footprints tramped into the sulfur muds at Krýsuvík - as I posted on the Fb page - and who knows if they'll just wash away with the next rains. I suspect, though, that it's locals who've dissed the  request to respect, only because I've seen it often with my own eyes...)