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The old Reykjavik cemetery just above the west side of the town lake, Tjörnin

I love the old Reykjavik cemetery, which sits peacefully just above the western side of the town lake. Photos never do the quiet justice, though yesterday there were some serious conversations going on between a loud family of birds (starlings?) tucked into the branches above.
The buzz and whoosh of rush hour on Hringbraut was audible, but it easily turned into white noise after just a few minutes among the old moss-covered headstones and trees, which as of 1946 were barely there at all as you can see in this aerial shot of Vesturbær Reykjavik. It's amazing what seventy years and a bit of well-tended gardening can do.

Back in 2008 I was asked to write a description of a good walking tour through Reykjavik for Packed magazine, and I included this cemetery as part of it. You can read more of what I consider to be an excellent day trip through our little city, on page 35 of the online issue.


Anonymous said...

That was very nice, Maria. I love those cemeteries, I used to get into them in my journeys through England and Scotland many years ago.

Thank you for your walking suggestions in Packed!! I will visit the city in September for 4-5 days, and your walks are just perfect for filling my time there with inspiration (weather permitting...)! I also love precisely this type of little-guided walks. I will certainly visit the cemetery if possible!!


Iceland Eyes said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it, Fran, and I'm sure you're going to love your upcoming trip to our lovely little city : )