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A Puppy is a Lot More Work Than We Ever Understood...


*Sigh* This is our Baldur, who's actually no longer our Baldur, but has gone to live with another family : (

I thought it best because we were just in over our heads with the puppy experience. I have to admit I didn't realize how much time and focus a puppy needs, especially this one who was separated from his mother too early, and needed a lot of training and attention. He was with us for a month, and I finally had a meeting with my son, and we agreed that Baldur was wearing us out, me as the main provider/cleaner-upper/disciplinarian (a 24/7 job) and Óðinn with not being able to
connect or play with the pup without getting nipped endlessly with those razor-sharp teeth.

We had fun going out on walks and meeting the other dogs in the neighborhood (plenty of them...way more than when I wrote my first-ever Iceland Eyes post, starring our gorgeous, much-missed Míó) and I think we'll get another dog at some point, one that Óðinn can bond immediately with (this little guy latched on to me completely as mom/alpha dog because he was young, and not so much onto my son. The whole point had been to get a bog for my boy.)

I also have to thank my parents, Ásthildur and Þórir (Thórir) for supporting this adventure with pupsitting, puppy food and puppystuff, and my sister Addy, niece Mekkín and her boyfriend Kristján for giving moral support, training advice and a cool toy or three. Also of course my daughter Valentína and  her Egill for falling in love with the puppy a little bit more than they thought they would. Baldur made our holiday season unique, for sure! 

It was a hard decision, but made easier when the first person to respond to my ad for a new home on was a family looking for a companion dog for their adult Border Collie (which is Baldur's breed) who'd just lost his best canine friend. It seemed so serendipitous! And Baldur needs an older dog to show him the ropes and help him grow out of his immature puppy ways.

So, yeah, we miss him a lot. But I have to remind myself that we miss the photo version of Baldur, and have already started letting ourselves forget the chaos as our lives go back to normal.

Our cats, of course, are quite pleased with this new development overall...

One of two brother cats in our home,Allejandro, and me.
He's like a slinky and he grooms my hair
The other brother, Panda, who eats cucumber rinds...
and everything else

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